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IRVING LAYTON: Modern-Day Prophet

LAYTON-Modern- Day ProphetIrving Layton…one of Canada’s greatest poet, mentor and teacher!

Irving Layton: Modern-Day Prophet

Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen

IRVING AND LEONARD by Rich Baines Irving Layton March 12, 1912 – January 4, 2006If one wishes to understand the work and words of Leonard Cohen, to cut aside the peel and get to the sweet core of his poetic condition, one must first investigate the passion that was handed down to the “Young Prince […]

About the author…..

M.L. Ierfino-Adornato is a Montreal (Rosemere) writer who is trilingual. A graduate of McGill University, Concordia and UQAM, she holds a Master of Arts degree and an Executive MBA. Even though she worked as a business leader for over twenty years, Maria Luisa remained passionate about history, literature and writing. Her studies in particular explored […]


McCord’s Quiet Rebellion – Buy it from Amazon today!

Hi everyone,   Here is a link to my book online at Amazon.  Let me know what you think!   Maria


UPDATE: McCord’s Quiet Rebellion

McCord’s Quiet Rebellion McCord’s Quiet Rebellion, set in eighteenth century Montreal and more specifically in Griffintown, is the first historical novel to be written by author M. L. Ierfino-Adornato. The affluent and affable Mary McCord, first-born daughter of British Loyalist, Thomas McCord, is the central figure in the historical novel. She is the intriguing heroine […]


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