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M.L. Ierfino-Adornato is a Montreal (Rosemere) writer who is trilingual. A graduate of McGill University, Concordia and UQAM, she holds a Master of Arts degree and an Executive MBA. Even though she worked as a business leader for over twenty years, Maria Luisa remained passionate about history, literature and writing.

Her studies in particular explored the poetry of Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen. Her dissertation focused on the scatological dimension in the poetry of Irving Layton (he was a mentor to Leonard Cohen). Maria Luisa subsequently published a tribute to Irving Layton in 2005, that won the attention and admiration of the Dante Alighieri Society of Montreal.

She is currently a free-lance writer who has published articles in various literary magazines, such as Accenti, PanoramItalia and L’ Eco del Chiaro. Two short stories have been published by Guernica. Maria Luisa’s first publication High Spirits, was a collection of prose and poetry, and McCord’s Quiet Rebellion (2012) is her first historical novel, which will be translated into French.

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